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Username: GameGuy1001
Aliases: E. Fitz
Address: 403 Dineen Cres Labrador City, NL. Canada

Status: active
Created: April 18, 2011 at 3:57pm (EDT)
This is a BTR in regards to a trade initiated by Gameguy1001, the trade was pended Jan. 17, 2011. The trade was initially discussed on CAG, and we would leave feed back on both sites since I frequent GTZ more than CAG and it would help both of us out. The trade was for

my: 2006 Release Girls Bravo collection+$10 and Chobits (vol 1-8), Akira, and Princess Mononoke

his: Desert Punk, Claymore(Blu-ray), Samurai 7(blu-ray), Gungrave, and Starwars: TFU2.

When the day came to send, I missed the opportunity to ship the date I was scheduled to do so, I ended up shipping 2 days later, and kept him informed of my plans and what I was doing. (my foul up)
fast foward to Feb. 10th or so, I checked Delivery Confirmation and saw that he received Jan 27th. I messaged him and he replied quickly after saying that he was extremely busy with work and a 40+ hour a week work schedule. He informed me he sent Feb. 7th. and also informed me his phone would not send messages on GTZ or CAG...(fooled me). I would send messages once a week and wait. He finally replied March 24th which was the last day he logged on to both CAG and GTZ. As of April 18th, 2011, I have yet to receive his end of the deal, delivery confirmation showing he sent (which he "said" he did) or him replying to my messages. I am deeply disappointed with this individual. Maybe by sending out a BTR he will get his priorities together though I have my doubts. I will be filing against him for fraud if at all possible.

As for how he can have this BTR removed:
1) I want my end of the deal, that includes: Gungrave, Claymore(bluray), Samurai 7(bluray), Desert Punk, and SW: TFU2 in Very good condtion.
2) I want my stuff back in the exact condition I sent it in, $10, plus $50 for shipping the damn thing and 3months of subtime for wasting my time.
3) $125 bucks for the estimated price of my items.

You will not get a break by having this BTR removed until you have COMPLETELY met one of the following criteria.

EDIT: Almost a year later and no word from this guy. I have long forgotten about filing this BTR and have no hope of hearing from Mr. Fitz. I hope karma catches up with you.
Reported By: omegacrash