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Username: Kyo9599
Address: Alli Rashidi 7510 Manigold Ct. Alexandria VA 22315

Status: active
Created: April 6, 2007 at 3:53pm (EDT)
Back on March 5th we agreed on a trade. My $30 for his sealed Final Fantasy III. I sent my payment promtly. I later recieved word that Alli had sent but did not post a DC#. Weeks past and I still never recieved the game. I contacted him and he said "Hey foxhound Sorry about the delay for your game, It was sent back to me due to illegible printing and I ve been in the hospital with a badly injured Eye, Im resending it to you today." This on the March 16th. I still have yet to recieve anything nor have I got any responses back from my countless messages to him. I have filed a paypal claim and hopefully that will get my money back.
Reported By: Foxhoundx