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Username: Zaspera
Emails: .
Address: .

Status: active
Created: June 12, 2013 at 2:16pm (EDT)
I'm filing this mainly as a warning of suspicious behavior. As far as I know, Zaspera has not ripped anyone off. But, I've gotten a number of reports from other traders of him behaving suspiciously.

For example, he was asking for a loan of $200 with a payback of $320 after a month. This is unusually large amount of interest to pay over a short time. Zaspera has a few other pending loans as well. It looks like more than one person may have made this $200 loan with him.

Zaspera also has pended out a number of 3DS systems. He seems to have used the same info/picture for each of them and they are fairly high-value items as well.

I have other reports of Zaspera offering more than what an item is worth on a high value device (e.g. an iPhone for $500). In all these cases people are sending first to him.

Zaspera has a Double Gold Star and many good trades under his belt for the 6 months he's been at GameTZ. Some have noted that most of his trades were for smaller or low value items, but many of his recent trades and pendings are for high value stuff.

I hope this is all a misunderstanding. But, I feel like I have to warn people in case it's not and he's about to pull a big scam here. If these suspicions are accurate then it may be too late since most of his pendings have already sent. But, I at least this should stop any more people from getting scammed.

Zaspera - I'll send you a pm as well. I apologize if this is a mistake.
Reported By: bill

Username: Mikezr1
Address: Michael Scott 429 E Evans dr. Tidewater, OR. 97390

Status: active
Created: August 17, 2012 at 7:13am (EDT)
I'm filing this BTR on behalf of Roly and Funkamander. Mikezr1 had trades with them that he never sent his side for (back in late 2010/early 2011).
I just canceled the pendings since Roly and Funkamander are both inactive and I wanted to capture what happened regardless.

Here are the canceled trades:

Funkamander recently asked for account deletion (I did a purge), I assume because of this bad experience.
Roly have BTRs of his own.

Reported By: bill