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Username: kid10694
Aliases: Cutie10591 (AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name)
Address: 747 E 168th Street, Apartment 25 Bronx, NY, 10456

Status: active
Created: June 15, 2004 at 8:09am (EDT)
I'm filing this BTR to warn anyone who has a pending trade with kid10694.

She has failed to complete any of her 9 pending trades. She has canceled many other trades. She has a BTR from RavenOfProphecy that she has not resolved.

We've got several reports of her lying... seemingly with the intention of ripping people off.

Enough is enough, we've banned her from GameTZ as a bad trade.

Please cancel your trade with her if you haven't sent yet.

If you have anything you want to say about this, please email


Bill Marrs
Reported By: bill

Username: Makaveli

Status: active
Created: May 22, 2004 at 7:56am (EDT)
I'm posting this BTR mainly to warn the traders who have a pending trade with Makaveli (AKA LARidah )

Makaveli/LARidah has been caught using more than one account on GameTZ, twice now. Also, he's engaged in other bad behavior (spamming the forums) and seemingly walking away from the old pending trades on his Makaveli accounts. So, we're not planning on letting him back on the site.

If no one has sent with your pending trade with him, we recommend that you cancel your trade. Otherwise, if there's some way we can help you, please contact
Reported By: bill