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Username: devilsdealer
Aliases: Aaron Dobrinski
Address: 1707 9th Ave. Scottsbluff, Ne, 69361

Status: active
Created: April 29, 2012 at 10:46pm (EDT)
Here's the rundown:

09/06/2011: Made a loan agreement with the terms being that I'd give him 1k, he'd pay back 300 per month
10/23/2011: He says he'll start paying back after he "finishes up a few things"
10/26/2011: States that he'll have me fully paid off by income tax time
12/15/2011: States that he's waiting on taxes
01/20/2012: States that he's filed his taxes and is just waiting on them
01/30/2012: States that he's still waiting on his taxes and would have the funds "tomorrow" (the following Tuesday)
02/21/2012: States that he'll start paying back March of 2012 at 100 per 2 weeks
04/14/2012: States that he'll "update" me "tomorrow"
04/20/2012: States that he'll "update" me "tonight, promise"
04/21/2012: States that he was going to give an update "tonight"

Nothing has happened past this. He's still yet to give anything at all. It's been 8 days since he was supposed to update me last.
Reported By: rpgsearcherz