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Username: soulx

Status: active
Created: April 13, 2009 at 3:25pm (EDT)
Edited: June 22, 2009 at 3:20pm (EDT)
I sent my part of the trade first. He received, then sent me my part. The box he sent was accidentally sent to a neighbor across the street from me. She obviously said it wasn't hers, and it was returned back to Andrew. He then told me I would have to pay for the shipping for him to reship it, which I thought was more than fair, so I did back on March 10TH of '09 via PayPal. It is now April 13TH '09 and still no package? This guy better have a good reason for his lack of communication. He BETTER be in a hospital somewhere half dead, otherwise he is gonna have a REAL BIG problem! I am reporting him to PayPal now as well. This will be gladly taken down once he sends me my end. I sent him 3 games, and he owes me the three we agreed to back. It says he hasn't signed in since March 9TH. I have sent a few messages to his Yahoo e-mail as well. Don't EVEN try to say he couldn't communicate back if there was some problem. But, I sent cash to rectify the problem, and because of that, this ain't just gonna go away.

22JUN09: I have sent this clown numerous messages on his e-mail and myspace, as well as here, and he has proven to be gutless. He hasn't even had the gonads to respond with an FU, or anything. For him to post 'dishonest traders' under his dislikes is a JOKE. I am seriously contemplating a trip to Canada to deal with this idiot. This guy has three of my games, two of them collectors editions worth over a hundred bucks themselves, and it bothers me that this little toad thinks he can just rip you off and get away with it. When money is involved, it REALLY gets me wound up. To be honest, I would kick a persons bum over stealing a dollar off of me! lol
Reported By: UrbanMerc

Username: soulx

Status: active
Created: April 1, 2009 at 1:42am (EDT)
Edited: April 1, 2009 at 1:44am (EDT)
Well, we pended a half I sent him arrived perfectly and in order...his half came with 2 games (the main part of the trade) missing....we were pretty good about getting back to each other about getting the problem fixed....he got insurance on the items he was shipping to me o...he told me the post office is refunding him and he will then refund me for the games that never arrived....I have been VERY patient in all this....the trade happened over 2 months ago bow and he has not been on the site since March 10th.....not sure what happened, but I have sent NUMEROUS messages and have never gotten anything back...very discouraging....

I want this to be fixed as I am hoping some unforeseen circumstance came up, but I feel like its quite past this...

This BTR will come down once we can fix this......
Reported By: Rollobobo