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Username: Fengalon
Aliases: Dias Vangine

Status: active
Created: March 15, 2001 at 8:46pm (EDT)
This is what happen when i was on the chat room i ask everybody they had DBGT U.S. version complete (original).I kept asking then finally someone said yes i got the game thats Fengalon.He told me everything was complete and was original.We agree to send the games and at the same time and both of us lied to each other the first time and said we both send the the package which we didnt.then finally i agree to send the package off and told him i sent the package and Friday or Saturday he told me he sent the game out and told me the game going to arrive there 2 to 3 days then told me thx for understanding.Well its been 5 days no package and i know my package got there because i sent JOSHGRAY package out and he got his and we complete the trade.I kept emailing Fengalon 5 times and no response.The game hasnt arrive here yet and i will take down this BTR report once i get his package
until then im going to file mail Fraud.
Reported By: DarkGhaIeon

Username: N/A
Aliases: Tiger131 on here and on Switchhouse, Tiger_SSO
Email: N/A
Emails: ,
Address: Colby Harold,841 Lyons

Status: active
Created: March 15, 2001 at 11:50am (EDT)
See my Bad Trader report for username Tiger131. This is the same guy.
Don't trade with him.
Reported By: questmaster