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Username: Saltman4u
Aliases: saltman4u
Address: korey dotson 4782 glyndon dr. bluefeild west virginia

Status: active
Created: March 29, 2001 at 3:30pm (EDT)

we made a trade for ps2 and he said he would be out and i sent it to this adresswithout knowing i sent him PSX, Dreamcast, THPS1 ANDTHPS 2(both psx), RE3, Blasto, 007 World IS Not Enough, Sonic Adv. Dreamcast and psx RFUS to korey dotson 1208 edenham ct#102 virginia beach va 2346. then i talk to him and he says i didnt get it and i tell him where i sent it and he says oh i well you might get your stuff back so i will take this off when he gives me his PS2.
Reported By: Sk8ter07

Username: ilovetoplay18dc
Aliases: ilovetoplay18dc
Address: 122 B. Cramer St. apt# 6, North Tanawanda, NY 14120

Status: active
Created: March 25, 2001 at 11:46pm (EDT)
I first started a trade with Andrey two weeks before Christmas, and It took Andrey 2 months to send me my money, If what Andrey said is true and the money got lost in the mail. I never saw it. So Andrey made up for it by sending me Street Fighter ex and Grandia. That was fine by me, but when they showed up they were in horrable condition, so I refused the offer and told Andrey this was unaceptable. Andrey was pretty pissed by this point and said to bad and the games were in excellent condition. Well they were not, on was not complete and both were all scratched up. So after a trade of bad trader reports we got it all worked out.
Yeah right, if we did you would not be reading this right now, anyway Andrey said that I will be getting Dragon Force complete and in very good condition for the 2 games back and Iron Storm in very good condition (but not complete) It has been a few weeks and no Dragon Force, So I e-mailed Andrey, but I did not get a reply, So I e-mailed Andrey again and no reply. So we will se if this will get Andrey's attention.
Reported By: Cro